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Billing and collections

Billing and Collections

IntelliSolve Billing Services consults and bills only for EMS and transportation service providers. By limiting our scope of practice to ambulances and wheelchair van services only, we are able to expertly navigate the ever-changing rules and regulations of the industry.

Our goal is complete and total customer satisfaction.  This allows you to concentrate on operational issues and patient care – we take care of the rest!

When you choose to work with IntelliSolve Billing Services you are working with an authority in ambulance billing and collections and compliance. With over 20 years in the industry our staff has maintained this operational oversight for numerous satisfied 911 EMS and non-emergency providers. With these cumbersome issues left to us our clients can concentrate on patient care!

Our continuing commitment to excellence ensures that every client will receive exemplary, professional and courteous service that is unmatched in the industry. Please contact us today to learn how we can maximize reimbursements as much as 18% while simplifying your business operations.

Included as part of our Ambulance Billing and Collections service we handle all electronic and paper filings, post and track all payments and claims while maintaining a collection rate 11 – 15% higher than in-house billing.

In fact, a recent study conducted by the American Medical Association reveals the estimated cost to healthcare providers is an average of $6 to $12 to file a claim. Using the services of a billing company, the estimated cost to healthcare providers is reduced to $3 to $6 per claim on average. This represents a huge savings when you consider the number of claims submitted by service providers each year!

 IntelliSolve Billing Services has a collection rate of 96-98%; in-house billing typically collects 83-85%. Based on $350,000 in annual receivables, we will collect an average of $45,500 more. 


With all the constant changes to Medicare and the implementation of ICD-10, numerous claims are rejected unnecessarily. Our dedicated staff consistently works rejections and aging reports ensuring maximum profit.

Think of us as an effective cost savings extension of your staff  with the goal of increasing your receivables.

When you partner with IntelliSolve Billing Services, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ll be working with a reliable and  experienced ambulance billing and collections service. IntelliSolve Billing Serviceshas is committed itself to the policy the Knowledge and Experience Equals Higher Receivables“!

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