Why Choose Us

IntelliSolve Billing Services differentiates itself from other ambulance billing services in several ways. Every task we undertake is especially designed with our clients in mind. When you look good we look good. We offer the best service and support with the latest technology to keep your operations compliant, running efficiently and economically.
“IntelliSolve Billing Services is your ideal choice for outsourcing emergency and non-emergency billing services.”
Choosing our Company offers numerous benefits!

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider utilizing our services;

1) Economy of Scale

  • Through economics of scale, a specialized billing company can bring in more revenue than an internal department’s established system. This allows both private and governmental operations to differentiate between core and non-core functions and focus on their core competencies.


2) Specialization

  • A billing agency stays up-to-date and adheres to all the ever-changing compliance issues; it’s all we do.
  • A billing agency provides a higher level of service and improved focus, unfettered by the day to day operational distractions an in-house billing departments face.
  • Studies show that utilizing a billing agency lowers the cost per claim to a provider.
  • Billing agencies are experts in the field, thereby increasing collections and increasing productivity relieving your staff to do other work.
  • Specialization allows you to gain access to world-class expertise in designing, implementing and maintaining automation systems in order to stay current with the latest technologies available. Plus, contractual providers bring these advanced tools to clients within a competitive pricing strategy.

3) Efficiencies

  • The use of certified coders maximizes reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies..
  • Outsourcing over the long-term improves the collection process and lowers bad debt write-offs.
  • Billing services relieve providers of the tedious task of managing the processes in-house.
  • Due to the sheer volume of our operations, we have the ability to secure these resources and provide them to you. Moreover, the use of these resources allows our employees to specialize in areas such as coding, insurance reimbursement, and patient research resulting in higher receivables.

4) EMS Technology

  • With IntelliSolve Billing Services, EMS providers no longer need to purchase and maintain costly computer systems and infrastructure required for computer-aided-dispatching and vehicle tracking reducing capital expenditures in technology.
  • We have integrated the latest and greatest in EMS technology into our billing services. Specialized billing providers utilize state-of-the-art information technology and resources to identify accurate patient billing issues.
  • emsCharts allows us to confirm patient identity, patient history, insurance coverage and other pertinent facts prior to billing. With such systems in place, we are able to improve the efficiency of information flow and communicate directly; there are no faxing of trip sheets; if a deficiency is found, the trip can be rerouted to the crew for correction, paperlessly, reducing turn-around-time.
  • All information can be communicated directly to your medical command electronically as well as to your state’s Department of Health per the mandated reporting laws of your state.

5) Real Time Accountability

  • IntelliSolve Billing Services has also partnered with Jefbar to maintain our own systems and infrastructure.
  • JefBar provides IntelliSolve Billing Services with a unique billing software tool that provides us and our client’s complete oversight of all our processes. With 24/7 access to our systems our clients can utilize this versatile tool to maintain complete oversight of all their billing information. In addition this software offers clients the capability to build their own custom reports and perform financial analysis. This real-time accountability provides our clients with exclusive access and full transparency to their billing status.

6) Full Audit Support

  • Audit support is another vital component we offer our clients. Unlike other billing agencies,  IntelliSolve Billing Services stands behind our clients. Should the need arise, we are here for you and back you when an audit happens. Because our systems are constantly up-to-date we are able to provide all documentation support and justification required. We even testify on your behalf when necessary.

7) Registered Nurse on Staff

  • With a Registered Nurse on staff we are able to evaluate repetitive patients for medical necessity and re-evaluate periodically to ensure their condition has not changed. Crews can become lax documenting PCRs on repetitive patients; with an outside, third-party RN performing evaluations, any changes in medical necessity are documented in a timely fashion and add a layer of credibility to CMS.

8) Free Savings Analysis

  • When you have a savings analysis performed, you gain valuable insight into how an outside agency like IntelliSolve Billing Services can reduce overhead and improve receivables. We perform a complete assessment and do a comparison of you current operations versus an external service provider.

9) Free Compliance Assessment

  • At IntelliSolve Billing Services, we believe it is always good practice to establish a baseline with the compliance status of your operation. This is why we offer a free compliance assessment when you choose to do business with us. You will receive a complete audit of all your paperwork and documentation for compliance; everything from signatures, PCSs, PCRs and patient billing practices.

10) Free In-house Credentialing and Re-Credentialing

  • Another unique service we provide our clients includes Credentialing and Re-Credentialing of insurances. Any changes our clients make needs to be documented and reported; Medicare applications, private insurance applications, provider ID’s, agency changes, ambulance changes. We keep your operations constantly up-to-date!

IntelliSolve Billing Services makes sure you stay up-to-date and compliant at all times!