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Ambulance Billing and CollectionsWe offer EMS and Non EMS Transportation Providers an alternative to in-house Billing and Collections. An alternative that results in improved compliance, lower overhead, full service training,  and improved receivables all designed for a Long-Term Client Relationship!

Full Service Billing

At IntelliSolve Billing Services we consult and bill for EMS and transportation service providers only. This allows us to concentrate and specialize on the intricacies of the ambulance industry.

When you choose to work with IntelliSolve Billing Services you are working with the Authority in EMS Billing, Collections and Compliance. With over 17 years in the Industry our staff has maintained this Operational Oversight for numerous satisfied 911 EMS and non emergency providers. When these cumbersome issues are left to IntelliSolve Billing Services our Clients can concentrate on being a 1st Responders!

Our continuing commitment to excellence ensures that every client will receive exemplary, professional and courteous service that is unmatched in the industry.

Full Service Collections

Included as part of our service we handle all Collections including electronic and paper filings, post and track all payments and claims all while Billing and Collectionsmaintaining a collection rate 11 – 15% higher than in-house billing.

A recent study conducted by the American Medical Association reveals the estimated cost to healthcare providers is an average of $6 to $12 to file a claim. Using the services of a billing company, the estimated cost to healthcare providers is reduced to $3 to $6 per claim on average. This is a huge savings when spread across the number of claims submitted by service providers each year!

As a proud partner of AmerAssist we provide full service collections for both facilities and patient collections. This partnership allows us to continue to provide our clients with real-time oversight of cash flow and claims. We serve as a cost effective extension to your staff to maintain your receivables.

When you use IntelliSolve Billing Services you receive the piece of mind knowing our personal are certified by the who continue to maintain their certification so you don’t have to…

Our certification and continuing education keeps us up-to-date on the proper billing, documentation, coding, submission management and follow up necessary to maintain your compliance to By employing experienced ambulance billing professionals and ensuring that our clients are aware of regulatory and policy changes BEFORE they occur, IntelliSolve Billing Services has committed itself to the policy that knowledge equals higher receivables. Utilizing many sources, we inform our clients of regulatory policy as well as policy enacted by private insurers, allowing implementation time so that no money is ever lost – this process eliminates the excuse “no one told me.”keep you up-to-date!


Full Service Compliance Training & Monitoring

At IntelliSolve Billing Services our goal is to keep your operations in complete compliance. We strive to maintain a compliance program on a continual basis while monitoring all forms and documentation, internal billing, operational audits, systems security, employee training and manuals, HIPAA Privacy Practices and red flag rules.

In addition, we do a complete scrubbing of PCR’s for completeness and compliance while obtaining insurance payment authorizations in a timely manner.

  • We make sure we conduct ourselves and our operations in accordance with the law
  • We strive to meet the expectations of the public and those we serve
  • We strive to meet the expectations of and follow the procedures of those who pay us
  • We make sure that all claims for payment are supported by clear, concise and accurate documentation
 Full Service New Practice Consulting

One of the real benefits of utilizing our consultation service is how we help new practices.New Practice Employee Training

When utilizing our services you get…

  • Our complete infrastructure of computer systems and software installation,
  • Field personnel and dispatcher trainers
  • Insurance and credentialing
  • Applications and marketing.


Full Service Credentialing

Our Full Service Initial Credentialing and/or re-credentialing can be performed at your office. Applications for all insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, are completed and stored in our secure database. We attach all relevant documents, such as current license, CMEs, declarations pages, malpractice narratives, certification, etc. to complete applications are collected and forwarded to you for signatures. Upon completion the information is forwarded to the payer, securing valuable provider numbers.

Full Service Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification

Verifying Insurance Benefits prior to billing is an essential step to ensuring prompt reimbursement from insurance carriers. In order to confirm the accuracy of information given to dispatch at the time of call, we create individualized web pages for your company allowing you to access an online database of over 250 insurers. This information is crucial for non-emergent transport as many insurers require a pre-authorization. This data also allows verification of identity which is mandated under the Red Flags Rule.


Proud Partner of JefBar Billing & Reporting, CAD

We are a proud partner with JefBar, the leader in EMS software we are able to offer you the best in Ambulance Dispatching Software.

With focused dispatching for flow and speed as part of your complement of services this helps us control costs.

In addition we maintain all your server and infrastructure requirements as needed to maintain operations. Clients can login in remotely to our servers and get the job done efficiently and expediently.

Proud partner of ZirMed

As a partner of ZirMed we provide our clients with free electronic data submittal with 24/7 real-time visibility of patient eligibility, claim status, EOB’s.

By using their automated processes, it can boosts revenue by as much as 15% through the efficient flow of provider, patient and payer information.

Preferred Billing Partner
EMS Charts

EMS Charts provides dynamic electronic data collection and management solutions for EMS field personal. Their suite of products for both air and ground personal provides mobile web-based access for data collection and optimal public service.

The Tablet PCR is integrated with our services to provide the necessary protocol our EMS Providers demand. Each tablet is pre loaded with data and all forms (ABN, PMNC, Signature form)

We offer our client the Mobile Demand Tablet PCR with a preferred discounted on model c1200 and a lease back option to keep your operating costs in check.

  • Dispatching & Billing
  • Full Service Truck Setup
  • Air Ambulance
Our Guarantee

Our pledge to you is simple: total satisfaction. Our continuing commitment to excellence ensures that every client will receive exemplary, professional and courteous service unmatched in the industry. At IntelliSolve Billing Services we make you the priority in order to meet all your billing and business needs. We can be reached by phone, fax, mail, e-mail or this website. We guarantee a timely response to all your questions and concerns.

By employing NAAC certified ambulance billing professionals and ensuring that our clients are aware of regulatory and policy changes before their implementation, IntelliSolve has committed itself to the policy that knowledge equals higher receivables. At IntelliSolve, we employ registered nursing professionals, former operations managers, EMTs and Paramedics on staff to assist our billing staff and clientele with clinical concerns.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with all our clients. We are confident that our team of professionals will provide the results you are seeking in order to assist your organization in becoming more efficient and profitable.

At IntelliSolve Billing Services we are National Leader in Providing Ambulance Billing and EMS Technology!
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