EMS Technology for 911 & Non-Emergency Providers

Ambulance Billing and CollectionsGathering information from private residences or MVA’s can be a difficult task when responding.  That is why we at IntelliSolve Billing Services have brought the latest in EMS Technology to you!


EMS ChartsWe utilize several applications and private vendors including emsCharts to confirm patient identity, insurance coverage and other pertinent facts prior to billing.

Often, in an emergency, the patient is unable to sign the trip sheet at the time of the call. We have several systems in place to deal with this contingency in order to obtain the required release of information and assignment of insurance benefits.

In fact, with the available Tablet PCRs all caller information including demographics, patient history (if the patient has been transported previously), chief complaint, comments and symptoms are transmitted directly to the Tablet PCR as soon as the dispatcher assigns the call to the vehicle. Times are recorded automatically.

The Tablet PCRs also have the ability to communicate with vent units, AEDs and other medical equipment via Bluetooth, so no more lost EKG strips! And all Field Tablets can be customized to fit your preference and in accordance with local laws.

All information can be communicated directly to your medical command electronically as well as to your state’s Department of Health per the mandated reporting laws of your State.

EMS Technology

EMS Technology

In addition, EMS providers no longer need to purchase and maintain costly systems and infrastructure required for computer aided dispatching and vehicle tracking.


IntelliSolve Billing Services has also partnered with Jefbar to maintain our own systems and infrastructure.

JefBar provides IntelliSolve Billing Service with a unique billing software tool that provides us complete oversight of all our processes. With 24/7 access our clients can utilize this versatile tool to view and maintain their financials while having the capability to build their own custom reports. This real-time accountability provides our clients with exclusive access to financials while providing full transparency to their billing status that others service providers don’t!

The use of EMS Technology is just one more reason to choose Intellisolve Billing Services as your partner for all your Billing, Training, Compliance and Business Needs!