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Ambulance Billing and CollectionsMany of our clients have been utilizing our services for many years which speaks to our commitment to them and our dedication to their long-term futures. As we continue to grow and develop Nationwide…

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IntelliSolve Billing Services.

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Andina Care Ambulance
9/ 10stars

Initial Company Enrollments and Billing

IntelliSolve Billing Services guided us through all the paperwork for Medicare. While awaiting approval, they came to our office and taught us how to write compliant trips and provided us with all our forms - everything from Trip Sheets and Med Necs to Compliance Books, from ABNs and Signature Forms. They completed our EMS Charts enrollment and trained us on the software. It is so difficult to start a new company - it's nice to have someone there who handled the administration side. Looking forward to growing with you!

SunLIfe Ambulance
10/ 10stars

Billing and Compliance

After struggling for months with our billing and complying with all of the ever-changing regulations in the ambulance business, Intellisolve Billing Services has really turned our business around and has helped us get on the road to success and proper management of our crews and its members. To find someone in this business who is always ready to answer the phone and help with all the urgent questions and help dealing with daily issues of the compliance side of the business, is a very rare occurrence. Also we love the idea of a one stop solution to our billing as well as compliance departments respectively. IntelliSolve Billing Services stays on top of us and goes above and beyond to assure our success in the field and in business. Heather, without you we would be working nights just to keep up, it's a pleasure having you on our team.
Thank You
Dmitry Masyuk

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