Full Service EMS Ambulance Billing Services & Software



IntelliSolve Billing Services will train your existing employees in addition to new hires on a continual basis at your convenience Our training on Red Flags Rule, HIPAA, ICD-10, documentation, anti-kickback statutes and other federally mandated training can even be done at your facility.

Upon completion of an initial assessment we then implement a compliance program to include all necessary forms, documentation, contractsd, operational audits and systems security.


Utilizing our Full Service Billing we process claims electronically to all carriers that currently accept electronic submission. Payers that do not accept electronic submission will be sent claims via paper. To ensure and confirm the payer and our clearinghouse claims have been accepted we audit the process daily. Secondary claims are forwarded immediately upon receipt of primary carrier’s EOB.

Utilizing our ambulance-specfic software, or yours, we post all payments and track all claims that are unpaid at 30 days. If an unpaid or underpaid claim requires an appeal, we will resubmit the claim with the relevant information and handle all necessary follow-up including appealing as far as an administrative law judge if necessary.

  • Missing an authorization? We will get it for you. We have navigated the initial phase of the Medicare prior-authorization program with success. We also work closely with private insurers.
  • Missing a medical necessity form? We will follow-up with the physician and/or ordering facility and obtain one for you.
  • Missing signatures? We can prepare signature logs, attestation statements and, if need be, obtain a signature from the appropriate party.


Our Full Service Collection service includes generating weekly patient statements. To begin the process, we initiate a “soft “collection method for patients consisting of a letter and follow up phone call as required. For a minimal processing fee and to facilitate the process, we will provide you with a merchant account which enables your patients the ability to pay via major credit card or check-by-phone. Historically, utilizing our comprehensive billing service has yielded a collection rate of 96-98%, which is substantially higher than utilizing an in-house billing department rate of 83-85%.

For most EMS providers, choosing IntelliSolve Billing Services. for their EMS Billing Services & Software has resulted in thousands of dollars saved each month in collections alone. We also work very closely with other nationwide collection agencies to facilitate the process. At your discretion and with approval an account can be forwarded to outside collections for a nominal charge.


IntelliSolve, Inc. specializes in new practice consulting. We provide a variety of consulting services including:

  • Computer systems and software installation
  • Training field personnel, dispatchers and marketing professionals along with introduction of an employee handbook and policy manual
  • Creating master copies of compliance forms, PCRs, PMNCs and all other items needed to keep you in compliance
  • Training Dispatchers and field personnel as to the inticacies of information required as per new rules and regulations.
  • Our specialists will also assist new companies with insurance enrollment and credentialing.


Our Full Service Initial Credentialing and/or re-credentialing can be performed at your office. Applications for all insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, are completed and stored in our secure database. We attach all relevant documents, such as current license, CMEs, declarations pages, malpractice narratives, certification, insurance, etc. to the completed application(s) and forward to you for signatures. Upon completion the information is forwarded to the payer, securing valuable provider numbers.


Verifying Insurance Benefits prior to billing is an essential step to ensuring prompt reimbursement from insurance carriers. In order to confirm the accuracy of information given to Dispatch at the time of call, we create individualized web pages for your company allowing you to access an online database of over 250 insurers. This information is crucial for non-emergent transport as many insurers requiring a pre-authorization. This data also allows verification of identity which is mandated under the Red Flags Rule.


To facilitate Dispatching, Billing, ePCR and Reporting we have partnered with ESO Solutons. We maintain all the servers and necessary infrastructure to facilitate this complex system of data.

Our reporting capability is phenomenal. The reports are numerous and the data collected translates into time and money saved for our clients. This data empowers providers to adjust staffing, etc. based on call demand, type and locality.